Thursday, February 19, 2009

Chimp Cartoon Produces The Same Reaction As The Mohammed Cartoon

Remember this Danish cartoon a few years ago that caused so much stir?

Well, it looks like we're seeing a devolution from the same kind of lunacy from none other than our own Al Sharpton. That's right, the same Al Sharpton that began life as a racial huckster with a megaphone in the Tawana Brawley case and has tried to take over as President once or twice (it's hard to keep up with how many times a black person has ran for President, lately. There are voting age adults in America who have grown up with at least Jessee, Al, Alan, and now Barry running for President every cycle.), is now, 25 years later, a racial huckster with a microphone.



Isn't it completely delirious of Keith to start the conversation with a Curious George reference, while forgetting the 8 years we've seen the exact same chimp image used for President Bush:
I guess these aren't a problem because the Left produced them:
Is it because President Bush is white that liberal nincompoops (redundant?) find absolutely nothing hypocritical in this latest Obama-as-chimp episode? Who knows. Trying to understand the petulant mind of a liberal is like trying to think as a child.
I guess in their tweaker mind anything makes sense.

Hell, there's even been a website called Bush Or Chimp since 2000, and they have been putting amateur shots like this up for years:

And in case you've been living under a rock, this is the cartoon that's causing Al to lead a protest tomorrow at 5pm in front of the NY Post's hq building. He didn't like that it took the Post 24 hours in order to cave in to something they and the cartoonist himself said they didn't do.

This thing is getting really stupid under Obama's reign, so far. Lots of racism, race-baiting, and now demonstrations in his name over perceived injustices.

How much longer can we keep doing this kind of thing before it all gets away from us? A riot here, a riot there. The next thing you know you have an armed insurrection.

While scanning youtube for Al's appearance on the UberHam show, I found this guy. His name in SkitzShow, and he's pretty funny. And right:

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