Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Barry In Charge: Signing AARP Makes The Market Tumble 021709

This is the moment our nation, nay, the world, was told that "has to be acted on with great urgency", by Barry. After failing a few times in Congress, the bill was finally passed under great duress from Idiot Queen Pelosi last Friday [her plane was leaving to Europe at 6pm that night, and didn't want to be late]. wasn't signed until Tuesday! What reason could prevent the Great Hope from delaying our recovery (sic) for that many days after he had implored Congress to hurry, hurry, hurry?

According to reports, Barry was chillin' and taking a vacation with his woman. Even though nothing forbids a sitting president from signing a bill wherever he or she may be at that given time, Barry didn't feel like working on this third week in office.

This is what it looked like when he passed the Trojan Horse known as AARP in Denver yesterday:


Roanoke RnR said...

Since it was more important to take his wife out to dinner, out of town, I think it's clear who wears the pants in the White House. Those three days he took off could have been used for Congress to actually read the bill. BTW, do you have any idea why he used a couple of different pens to sign? Do they sell them on E-bay afterwards?

John Galt said...

Right on Roanoke RnR! Michelle is one scary bird. I would hate to wake up next to that every day for the rest of my life. "Wears the pants" is one thing. I would wish that she "wears the mask" if I was Barry.
Speaking of beautiful wives, I'm tempted to think that Barry loves Lincoln not because he freed the blacks and started a civil war, but that Abe also had a shrew for a wife.
Those three days he took off could have been used for Congress to actually read the bill. EXACTLY!
Lol @ the Ebay thing. There were 10 of those pens he used. Between those and the many fakes like the Obama coins, he might be able to treat Michelle to even more nights out. (what am I saying? He doesn't pay for anything. He's a liberal.)