Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cloward-Piven Strategy: The Lie We're Told As The Gas Seeps Through The Vents

Listen to this liar disguise the financial crisis we're in right now as a case of "What started on Wall St and ended up on Main St":

The part that should chill everyone is the language near the end, where this overeducated lawyer tries to tell us that he is willing to listen to the "other side", but he said that he won't go back to the same "failed theories" that got us here. This is after he performs yet another irrelevant argument, in the form of another straw man argument: He claims in this video above that the opposition (Republican Senators, Representatives) is only operating from a "basic idea that government has no business in the market." (after he mockingly chastised them for challenging the Almighty FDR, and whether or not the Depression lasted longer than any other depression. They are right, of course--the Depression lasted at least 8 more years than it should have because of the enourmous burden of creating massive federal agencies and peacemeal projects that didn't end anything but optimism.) But we know this isn't true. As you know, however, if you repeat a ridiculuous falsehood enough, the people will nod their heads and remain hypnotized if you're as charming as Barry.

This is the lie that will put most of us to sleep, and will then cause too many to grab their guns.

I have already outlined the connection to Obama and revolution in an earlier post. This entire stimulus package that the senate passed today, with the help of only 3 Republican senators, fits the necessary ingredients to put this plan into action.

Things are happening too fast for the average American to catch on. I do think that we have an inner goodness as Americans (charitable beyond any other people, etc), but I also think that there has been an infusion of third world people who not only bring their babies and habits, but they also bring their culture.

In most of the third world, (where more humans exist compared to our developed world) it is common to live in fear of roving militias, tribal gangs, drug lords and their guerillas, sherrifs, junta leaders, presidents, etc. They can prostrate themselves to a devil one minute, praising the ground he walks on, then when he leaves the village she's back to cowering in fear of him, fearful that one of his brownshirts may hear how much she really hates him.

You can see a woman like this in some tribe in Africa looking to appeal to the local ganglord:

Like the woman at the end of the video clip from this post. She was convinced of a deliberate attempt to keep from giving her a ticket to see Obama here in Ft Myers. After standing in a long, long line for hours like everyone in front of her did, she found the event sold out by the time she reached the window. She was not used to being told 'no' here in America. You can hear the angry surprise in her speech that she should be told that she can't get in.

She said she traveled all the way from Cape Coral. Do you know how far away that lady traveled? Cape Coral is the suberb next to Ft Myers. You are there within a mile and have reached it's end by fifteen miles.

We have too many embarrassing idiots like this kid to expect a better tomorrow. This kid has lots of enthusiasm, but unfortunately, it's the same kind you get from smoking crystal meth.

We are a beat people, I think. The onslaught has been too long. Too successful. The same people who would rather beg for their next meal than fight to the death for their freedom have won.

What you hear right now is a circus leader rousing a bunch of slavish peasants into a frenzy:

It was passed, and there was genuine relief in his eye when this clip ended. He's very happy to get this bill passed. The truth is, there has been massive calls and emails for the past four days to senators in protest of this bill, thanks mainly to conservative talk radio shows.

These brave souls above may be the Thomas Paine's of our times. If they face a silencing by way of the Fairness Doctrine, I wonder how far behind will be the pitchforks and torches. And guns.

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