Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hillary: Still Crazy After All These Years

Hill's big debut on the world stage was met with mixed review: abroad, she was greatly received (not only did the ChiCom leaders greet her warmly-see lower video for obvious reason of their adulation of her-but also there were several dissidents who were restrained by the Chinese police state as they tried to find their old human rights ally Hillary), but domestically, it wasn't so great.

See, Hillary is a special case. So many American women see Hillary as a strong woman who stands firm on her convictions. "WHAT??? Hillary Clinton has morals?" I hear you ask, incredulously. And I completely agree with you. But can you believe that there are legions of middle-aged white women who haven't ever gotten it, until now?:

Here's a quick refresher course on Hillary, cattle futures, little old couples losing everything in Whitewater, and selling out our country to the Chinese:

Ultimately, the Chinese are going to do what they want to, regardless of how many First Ladies stand up and decry violence to women in China. They care about China first, Hillary and the US second. For a more serious assessment of the financial reasons why Hillary's public plea to the Chinese to continue buying our treasuries was completely done for show, check out this article.

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