Saturday, February 7, 2009

Barry In Charge: What A Good Liberal Arts Education Doesn't Teach You

The Saul Alinskyites are well-groomed at creating domestic war by inciting class envy, racial strife, and eco-terrorism, but their thick hide stops there. They don't have the onions to face battle with an opponent whose anti-Americanism almost matches theirs.

The Russians are testing this new admnistration, and Mr O's attempt to be cool and hip to Medvedev and Putin could get his Achilles' Heels sliced and some broken ribs, to boot. The Putin crowd don't fall prey to the same thing that has made Americans cower and fear his rebuke: charges of racism!

The European clan that bought Africans from their own people 500 years ago includes the clan that produced the East Europeans as well, yet there isn't this dramatic cloud that hangs over their head when challenging the Pope, er, I mean Obama. They can just kick up any dust they want to, and there isn't an audience to gasp when Obama returns with, "Stop your hate and racism!"

Ya' gotta behave like a big boy when you're protecting America from real foes, Barry, instead of the foes you make out of us Conservatives.

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