Saturday, February 7, 2009

Recession-Era Answer: The Coat-Hanger To The Rescue Again!

INCIDENT: Pulling away engine skirt when backing out of a parking space with concrete curb:

And the other side was equally ripped away:
Normally, this kind of damage to a car would require a replacement of the entire skirt assembly, as this has happened once or twice already. But times like this call for less-than-optimum answers to common problems such as this above.
The answer? The ever-handy, always reliable, COAT-HANGER:
After cutting the device into (4) sections, simply thread one end through the eyeholes of the skirt assembly:
After threading a portion of the REA (Recession-Era Answer) into the corresponding holes, bend into a circle, securely fastening the ends upon themselves:

Repeat the procedure for the other side:

And Voila':
Another half-assed job performed in America during the recession.

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