Monday, February 9, 2009

Obama Comes To Ft Myers, Florida

Click this picture to watch the Obama letdown.

It was announced on Friday that the Annointed One would grace our weary presence with an appearance on Tuesday, Feb 10th. As it happens, our county is distinct in the nation for having such a high unemployment rate, compounded by the real estate bust for the past 2 years.

He's coming here to hold a town hall meeting.

Already, this swell of excitement seems too precarious to hold. I mean, we didn't even hear about the O's tour coming to our humble enclave until three days ago, and the people are already starting to come down from their high. You can see it in this video.

At the beginning, there's a lot of frenzied, jubilant, excitement as they think that they are "a part of history" because Obama will breeze in to an orchestrated setting, listen to a few people complain, then breeze out.

Then, after a little effort and *gasp* work is involved (standing in line), the average Obamaniac looses steam and resorts to negativity when they reach the conclusion that they won't be able to be closer to the object of their hero-worship.

These people are always the loudest in a room, and the quickest to anger among us.

Yet the people need bread and circus, and this is the best we can expect from 40 years worth of public education. Watch these folks in the video. Hell, one of them doesn't even sound like she's legal, as she says that "it isn't fair that we didn't get our tickets and others in front of us did."

Yeah, right, Consuela. It's ALL a big conspiracy against you. We whites have a rigged system that makes you brown folks think you have a shot at equality, but we always take it away at the last second when it becomes your turn, right?

Typical of an Obama fan like her to display the classic Liberal whine that "it isn't fair".

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