Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reuters: Fifth Column Standard-Bearers

Timothy Geithner

This guy failed to pay taxes to the tune of $42, 702. But it's not just about that. Throw in that he is a lifelong financial analyst, constantly counting and double-checking numbers. On top of that, how about the fact that he played the system for 6 years, only paying when he learned that he was to be nominated as Secy Of Treasury (which has the IRS in it's domain)?

Get the picture, here?

Now, imagine that you're trying to rewrite the facts, here, to minimize the obvious fact that Timothy is a disgusting hypocrite and a fraud. The reality can be rewritten, see, to make Obama's pick seem less offensive, less criminal, and less corrupt for the president to give this great nation such an obviously untrustworthy option. Here's how it would be worded:

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's nomination was held up earlier by criticism over late payment of $34,000 in taxes. (source)

This subtle phraseology is part and parcel of the type of reporting that the NYT, Washington Post, Time, etc, have made great. This time it's Reuters. Yeah, that's right-the same American company that refuses to allow any of their correspondents to wear obvious signs of patriotism while representing Reuters in public, on camera, and probably at work behind closed doors. The same company to forbid all reporters and editors from using the word terrorist when describing an Islamic suicide bomber or hijacker.
Their journalistic independence is bought by the blood of the men and women they campaign against. Irony.

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