Thursday, February 5, 2009

Leon Assures The Senate: We Won't Be Anything Like The Bush-Cheney Era CIA [which kept the US safe for over 7 years]

"Don't you worry about a thing", he seemed to be telling us today. The world is just so worried that America will continue to torture, you know. We must make sure to never repeat the "extraordinary" things that President Bush and VP Cheney practiced, Leon said today.

Well, just what were those extraordinary things? Burning up 20 children and 60 innocent parents, adults, and elderly Americans like Cinton & Reno committed? How about bombing Sarajevo without UN approval? How about murdering Chinese embassy workers in Bosnia? How about murdering innocent Africans in a bombing of an aspirin factory?

Are all of those the "extraordinary" situations you speak of, Leon?

Oh, let me guess: you mean the kind of non-lethal, time-practiced methods of interrogations that actually save lives? The kind of things that only happened 3 times in 8 years? The kind of things that were performed on combatants who would easily have been executed under any other humanitarian military force in times past?

Leon Panetta is a lickspittle coward who can't stand up for the country that protects his children, his wife, and the very life he lives. He masks himself behind some artificial disguise of "compassion" and Democratic priciple, but as mentioned above, Democrats have a far worse record of murdering innocents and not solving the problem.

President Bush interrogated the right people, got the right information from them, and saved lives for 7 and a half years. They did the right thing without leaving the same embarrassing, feckless, CIA to take the blame.

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