Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Barry In Charge: Biden's "Time To Be Patriotic" Statement In Practice

So far, at less than two weeks in office, Barry has managed to send us these remarkable choices for delegating our behavior from the highest perches:

TIMOTHY GEITHNER: Secretary of Treasury, guilty of evading $42,000 in taxes for over 6 years, then suddenly pays up last fall when he is selected by Obama as a candidate for one of his cabinet positions:

Things looked better for Obama last week, when he proudly announced that longtime friend and political ally Tom Daschle would both take over the newly-created position of health-care czar, but also be Secretary Of HHS:

Until days later, after all attempts to "stand by Tom" were exhausted, Obama gave in and cut Tom loose. The $148,000.00 in unpaid taxes for the last 4 years were nothing between him and his old friend Tom, but you know how touchy the proletariate are about taxes, right? See ya' later, man:

And now we find the third choice of this young president to have lost track of unpaid taxes, again! Is the job just a little too much for him, maybe? He heralded this woman as the "first chief performance officer for the federal government", yet her 'performance' with the basics of being a US citizen are obviously deficient.

NANCY KILLFER: failed for a year and a half to pay employment taxes on household help:

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