Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Obama Constituent: Inspiring Millions To Do The Same

Not long after Obama did the Ft Myers, Fl tour appearance, the spark of a little black woman caused the world to sit up and take notice! Why, if she could just push her way to the front of that large sea of white people in order to tell The Great One her story. Her trials. Her needs.

Her pitch.

Henrietta The Homeless has become the Rosa Parks of her time, refusing to sleep in her car with her family any more. No sir, no sir. She is going to declare that she be given a kitchen and place of her own. Not just a park and such will feed her and her family, you know.

So the idea took on! When The Great One did an appearance in Meza, Az a week later, radio station KFYI did a promotion to bring a similar crowd out for him:

Credits to Michelle Malkin's excellent blog readers for sending these pics to her. She really has a great site.

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