Monday, February 2, 2009

Barry In Charge: Does He Know What 'Ethical' Means?

Barack ran on restoring ethics to Washington. For this Chicago-politics lawyer, anything is "ethical", I guess. Sweetheart house purchases from the likes of convicted swindler Tony Rezko are par for the course. Making deals from within the inner circle of corrupt governor Blagojevich is normal. Looking at the camera of American viewers and telling us that Timothy Geitner is the absolute best person he could find for leading this nation out of a financial depression is being 'sincere' for this little boy called Obama. He must honestly think that he's talking to one of his little daughters when he says, "Timothy Geitner is an honest man."

We don't believe it. See, when you're a regular American, you have to be worried about things like paying taxes. We all go to great lengths to make sure that we pay everything we owe, so that we don't get audited. But for people like Geitner, Rezko, and Blagojevich, worrying about paying what you owe is apparently "for the little people".

Like how Leona Helmsley explained her tax cheating history. "I thought that only the little people paid taxes", she was heard to quip when faced with tax fraud charges.

Obama is seriously deluding himself if he thinks that we accept his "they're really good people", defense. But that's what happens when you weren't raised right. No father figure ever sat that boy down, looked him in the eye, and told him the importance of telling the truth. He grew up a smug little boy, aware of how he could get what he wanted from his white grandparents who raised him, and obviously learned how to shade the truth just right.

He's a lot like Bill Clinton, who was raised without a father, also. When I heard him try to squirm out of a deposition in 1998 by using the defense, "That depends on what the definition of 'is' is", and how being alone in a room with an intern is not really being alone, because there were White House personnel who could have broken down the doors to expose them at any time.

And now there's Tom Daschle to be added to the list of qualified crooks, er, I mean citizens, to run our country. He is a lifelong senator who avoided paying taxes for the last few years (since he was turned out by his constituents), from income he received as a "consultant" for a media company.

He received monthly fee payments from this company in the amount of $83,000. Imagine making $83,000.00 in one month. Wouldn't you have enough integrity and intelligence to know that Uncle Sam is not going to simply let you keep ALL of that money? Sure you would.

But not Tom Daschle. He's a special person, apparently. And now he wants to be Obama's HHS Secy. And Obama wants him there, too, despite this latest bombshell. But that isn't surprising. When you're not raised with the same kind of culture that you and I were raised with, anything is possible.

And ethical.

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