Thursday, February 12, 2009

Barry In Charge: When You Throw A Revolution And No One Comes

I know how hard this moment must be for the 52% of voting America who cast the vote for this novice tyrant, but the ride isn't going very smoothly yet. It sounds like we're in the backseat of a nice, roomy, 5-speed cruiser of a car, and we let a young, untested teenager take the wheel.

And the gas pedal.

His name is Barry, and he's really a snot-nosed kid who's dedicated his life to deconstruction of one form or another since his birth. But more about that later.

Barry is now reclining in that leather interior driver's seat, kicked back in the style of your average drug dealer with outstretched arm draped loosely over the wheel. But he hasn't even started the engine yet.

He cranks the ignition, lurches forward because he didn't have his foot on the brake when he turned the key, then violently stops the almost out-of-control luxury car. The girl you're with in the backseat laughs nervously, then Barry puts his game face on to get this spaceship of a car on the road again.

The beginning of this administration is like the car that won't start right. We're going to see this man-boy try to ram things through congress like he's grinding gears with his stick-shift all through this first year.

The Saul Alinskyites insist on pushing their agenda on the heels of either a war or an economic disaster recovery, exactly like the one we're going through right now.

He's doing his best. Just give him time.

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