Monday, February 16, 2009

Barry In Charge: America's Epitaph: "We Won't Weaponize Space"

Today North Korea announced that "it is preparing a rocket launch, claiming the country has the right to "space development"—a term Pyongyang has used in the past to disguise a long-range missile test as a satellite launch. " (source)

There is a belief amongst some that America is a bully. They have been saying this ever since we won WW II. The communists who infiltrated our universities, the State Department, and the Executive branch, have worked for three generations to conjur up this notion that if only America would lay down its arms, that the world would be a safer place.

"But we don't use our military to conquer", you may say in protest. And you would be right. But that doesn't matter to the useful idiots like Jimmy Carter, Madeline Albright, Bill Clinton, and Barry Obama.

It may take a mushroom cloud over one of our nation's cities to finally make Barry realize that there's nothing laudable about pacifism. He is a pure coward, and it is hard to teach an old dog like him new tricks. The chance to teach him a lesson was lost when he was attending a $20,000/yr prep school in Hawaii in his youth.

Barry was too cool to consider saving a mostly white nation called America. When many of us were raised with ideals of patriotism, my country right or wrong, and other quiant notions, Barry was being taught that white America is to blame for the world's problems. Our greed, strong military, and capitalist economy needed to be brought down a peg or two.

After all of that indoctrination, Barry only felt a need to help and protect southside Chicago residents who look like him and Michelle.

Apparently, he thinks the rest of us in America need to be taught a lesson about how much we're hated around the world:

Barry was raised in the lap of luxury by doting grandparents who sacraficed their own financial savings to provide him with his world-class education and soft upbringing.

And that's the problem with Barry. He never saw anything worth fighting for, and he realized that he wouldn't have to fight if he just played the role of poor, put-upon black man here in America. We would trip all over ourselves to give him everything he ever wanted, and we would feel ashamed of ourselves if he ever claimed that something was wrong here in America.

Hell, we'd even elect him into office if it meant that we wouldn't be thought of as "racist" anymore.

In the wake of today's announcement by North Korea, are you beginning to see why it is important to educate yourself, to prevent being hoodwinked by con men?

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