Thursday, March 26, 2009

An Oasis In The Desert: Daniel Hannan

Of course a man with such eloquence and sound reasoning as Daniel Hannan wouldn't make it in America: he speaks too clearly. The liberals in our country have been raised by idiots in our school system, masquerading as caring teachers, quick to obfuscate and decry anyone who calls for fiscal responsibility in America.

I tried public school teaching a few years ago. The kids were typical kids, but the adults were the biggest disappointment in my opinion. These teachers in Montgomery County, Virginia, are supposed to be "advanced" because that school district attempts to "mainstream" special needs students. No matter that the teachers can't think objectively, we'll make the kids feel good about themselves by hiring nincompoops to mold our next Einsteins and Mozarts.

Some of the brilliant thinking skills of other "teachers" I encountered during my years of substitute teaching there:

1) Test scores would improve if we spend more money per student, to include hiring only people with master's degrees as teachers of K-12.

2) Illegal aliens aren't a problem, because they are paying the social security of current recipients.

3) When confronted with the fact that Bill Clinton maneuvered sinisterly to allow Lorel Industries to sell China missile-guidance systems, effectively advancing the ChiComs 30 years in technology, a dimwitted high school "teacher" actually replied to me that, "they would have learned that technology eventually, anyway."

The 'blind leading the blind' is a term that kept surfacing in my mind while I tried to look at the prospect of teaching in our glorified public school system. The administrators are nothing more than scared little ninnies, forever bitching and crying that they deserve more. There are no more Socrates in our academies. The crybabies won't allow it.

When I was younger, it was fashionable among the weak, pampered, anti-establishment types to sling around the word "brainwashed". It was used for anyone who thought patriotism wasn't a dirty word. It was used against me, when I was serving in the Army. To beat all, it was actually used as a pejorative against me by people I used to call friends.

But that was many years ago, and I have come to realize the irony in their accusation. It was used by professors sons against people like me, who dared to defend them and this nation. Even though I had grown to face down my fears, tested by the mightiest of schools--the school of hard knocks in the 82nd Airborne--I still had to feel the jeers and snickers from idiots who couldn't hold a candle to me, in many, many respects.

While they were "discovering themselves" in self-made dens of promiscuity, hedonism, and unfocused adolescence, I was disciplining myself to a level they couldn't fathom. Who is the real "brainwashed" one: the boy who grew up to do exactly what his daddy does, or the man who has forged a new path for himself?

Are you brainwashed? Here's a little test: watch this video and see if you agree or disagree with Hannan's argument. I don't need to tell you which conclusion means which result, do I? For those of you who can't think critically, you are the brainwashed. Run back to your safe government job--you always were a coward, and you still are.

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