Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barry In Charge: Yet Another Cabinet Member Is A Tax Cheat

I believe this makes the total four. Or is it five? So hard to keep up, you know. When you're a Harvard grad, you're smart in all things except for ethics, apparently. Barry has been in office for barely 60 days, and he is showing us what it means to have the most ethical administration this country has ever seen.

Or so he told us for two years while he was lying, er, I mean, campaigning.

Governor Sebelius was Barry's pick for HHS. She took it gleefully, thinking that the press and a waiting nation would let her 7,000 dollars in unpaid taxes slide. And for a while, they did. But the web of lies catches up with all of us, even The Chosen One.

Read about Barry's latest tax cheat here.

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