Friday, March 27, 2009

Barney Frank: Your String Is Showing

This disgusting, greasy, old queen has been an embarrassment to this country for a long, long time. You may recall his rise to fame: Barney was caught running a gay prostitute ring out of his Washington DC residence as a sitting (squatting?) congressman back in the 80's. How did he get caught? Well, this fine representative from Massachussettes was actually fixing parking tickets from patrons of his prostitute roommate.

Is he, like most flamers, crazy? You be the judge. If you can get past his lispy slur, you'll see that the words he uses are all maniacal, hysterical, and desperate. Everyone who challenges him is a "homophobe", because he can't take criticism. Typical reactionary behavior for a man who acts like a woman.

To catch up on the latest nightmare that Frank foists upon us, witness one of the gay lovers Barney suckled in the 90's: Herb Moses. Moses was an executive with Fannie Mae at that time, in place as assistant director for product initiatives. And responsible for polishing Barney's prostate, too, of course.

Did he keep his congressman queen happy and in good cheer? You wouldn't know by looking, because Barney always wears a look of constipation on his oily face.

But that isn't the point. The point is that Fannie Mae, an instrument of US Federal mortgage warehousing, was performing the very loan underwriting regulation that got us here in the first place. And Barney sharing pillow talk with a Fannie Mae executive while voting on legislation concerning his Fannie is definitely a conflict of interest, but for a person who breaks all protocols of decent behavior like flamer Frank does, nothing matters.

After all, when you've stuck your genitals into the places that Barney does, nothing is sacred.

Similar to some crazy homosexuals I have known in my life, Barney comes across as an angry, bitter old queen. These people are supposed to be happy and proud of themselves, but you'd never know it to listen to them.

Too bad that people like Frank are in powerful positions in government. They can't be clear-headed and forthright, because they have so many things they try to hide throughout their lives. Breaking rules is commonplace for them, and that's why people like Bill O'Reilly sound outraged when confronting the doublespeaking Queen herself:

Poor little Barney. He wants to escape any responsibility for his misdeeds, and only ends up looking worse. Here's the latest slur from the purse-wearing, limp-wristed flit while appearing on some laughable "news report" in what is supposed to be an "impartial" interview. (Here's where the critical thinking skills come in: if this is supposed to be a neutral interview, that is, where this "network" shows no bias to the interviewee, then why do they have graphics ready to buttress their guest's point? Those things don't just happen on the fly. The cameras have to be set up a certain way and the illustrations have to be pre-produced well before the interview begins.
In other words, this gay television "news show" is obviously trying to promote the points that rep Frank is lisping to us. It is a front, trying to indoctrinate the audience. How does that jibe with the propaganda we're always told about how much more intelligent the homo community is compared to us knuckle-dragging heteros? That they can fall for obvious tactics like this seems to expose their demented reasoning skills.
And if their response is, "Hey, we're ok with a little propaganda--it's about time we had our say", then they are no better than any of the commentary shows on Fox or talk radio. The only difference: Fox's commentary shows and the talk radio hosts are brave enough to reveal that they are expressing opinions. They don't try to fool the audience by posing as "journalists".)

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