Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Barry In Charge: Pulling Out A Gun In Afghanistan

I love this poem from Kipling. It's what the bedouin soldier above is reciting to the mounted soldier Obama, complete with British uniform. This cartoon is brilliant on a few levels.

First, the British were very unsuccessful in controlling Afghanistan, and Barry in that costume is perfect, frankly. (Kipling was Brittish, of course.)

Second, the look on his face is the same face he gives us who caution him against the many bull-headed things he's done in the past 6 weeks. The wise Afghani is singing the funeral song for this British soldier passing by, but the haughty Obama can only look down at him in fury.

I wish the reality of this stubborn "Audacity Of Hope" trickster could result in something more benign, like the economic enslavement of an entire nation, but, alas, this charlatan we call Obama will end up killing damn good American men in an effort to "do something".

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