Monday, March 30, 2009

Barry In Charge: The Boy Who Never Grew Up Behaves Like This [earmarks]

Listen to what this man-child tells us:

Now see what really happens:

Now listen to this man-child try to excuse his lies:

This is just one of several cataclysmic lies that Barry has foisted on our great nation. He's still a little boy who never got his ass kicked enough, or was told "no" enough by his grandparents who raised him. It's written all over his face.

People of good character would be embarrassed to pull this over on the American people, especially so quickly after pledging to avoid such robbery of our treasury.

But we're not dealing with a man of character in Barack Obama. We're dealing with a boy. A lying, cheating, hateful boy.

Have you heard the apologists slithering in to offer their excuses? "Give the man a chance", they squeal. Never mind the fact that "give the man a chance" never escaped their fat lips when President Bush, a man with more honor in his little finger than in all of Barry's smoke-ridden carcass, was in office.

But the kind of idiots who are screaming "Give the man a chance" can't understand politics anyway. They never have, and they never will. (our kind of politics, that is. Ours is a representative republic, a concept a little too complex for people who come from tribal warfare as a means of settling political disputes)

I feel no shame and reservation about criticizing this cretin called Obama this early into his presidency. I listened to him for the past two years, watched him say the things he did, and took him at his words. I don't have to apologize for being educated enough to know a wolf in sheep's clothing when I see one.

Dimwitted knuckledraggers who are imploring me and a nation of right-thinking folks to "give him a chance" are the same idiots who would have you "go with the flow" as you're being carried over a waterfall.

I'm sorry, but we European Americans come from a longer tradition of civilized society than the other types in this great nation, and we didn't get here by giving a heartless liar like Obama cart blanche with our freedom and our future. You should have been paying attention a LONG time ago, but you obviously have only recently been watching politics.

If your kind had been doing a little more thinking and learning for the past two thousand years, your home nations wouldn't be in the disastrous shambles they are. Don't tell me to "give the man a chance".

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