Monday, March 30, 2009

Sweetness & Light: Another Learning Moment

I frequent the excellent blog, The people there are some of the most (self or formally) educated people I've ever come across in nearly 20 years of combing the internet.

The explosive news about Barry's Bolshevik tactic of eliminating a sitting CEO of a private company was covered extensively today. Here's just some of the comments from faithful readers of this blog today:

March 30, 2009 at 4:06 pm

This is the harbinger of President Obama’s Health Care Plan. He or his representative has rejected your request for any heart surgery because you have not prepared properly for the operation by keeping fit as you were instructed and you have failed to reduce your weigh by the required amount. You will then be advised as to what options are remaining for you in your last days. How fortunate you are to have someone watching you and watching out for you. May His Name Be Praised.

March 30, 2009 at 5:48 pm

I know you are only half kidding but you are so right. This medical thing really gets me going.

My father-in-law (a Brit) in 2006 was denied all nourishment (just plain saline…no nutrients) for 6 weeks…yep, not kidding…6 weeks because he had the audacity to have a massive stroke at the age of 85. Of course he died. He was legally euthenized (sp?) He was declared too old and unimportant to the state. Before that he was a strong active old guy with a great sense of humor. Not to mention a war vet…who took shrapnel for the ingrates that killed him.

Not to mention that for weeks prior he was denied care when he was having TIAs (mini-strokes). They refused to take him into the hospital when he was having the TIAs and of course ultimately he had the big one. The just kept giving him appointments weeks away, probably hoping he wouldn’t be around to keep it.

Once in the hospital, they said “he said he doesn’t want to live”
We asked him…his mind was quick, and he managed to say “yes, you silly booger”

I about had a cow when I was told that the patient and family had NO SAY in how one is treated medically.

I’ve gone over this before here, but this is our future if/when Obalmy gets is Nationalized health plan in.

Sooo…Too old?….Too handicapped?….Inconvenient expensive treatment?

“Too bad for you….Bye,Bye… Hope the afterlife is nice….”.”


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