Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Barry In Charge: Turning American Corporations Into Welfare Agencies

GM auto workers watch as Obama announces GM program for paying car bills for out-of-work customers.

The amount of fear in our free market leaders is very disturbing. In just 60 days, this administration has crippled the titans of industry. Would any of you have predicted that Ford and GM would pay your car payments before this Trotskyite was elected?

When 911 hit, and the economy was similarly affected, the big three started their 0 interest programs as a measure to stave off the lack of sales. It was only supposed to be on select models, and only for a brief window of time until the economy rebounded. I remember then thinking how desperate these merchants appeared to be.

In retrospect, that was nothing compared to what they are doing now. These entities aren’t “companies” anymore. They are welfare agents, plain and simple.

Goodbye, America, as we have always known it. Read about it here.

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