Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tea Party In Cape Coral Scares The Weak

Unfortunately, much ado has been raised over a proposed gathering of concerned citizens in Cape Coral, Fl, to the point of shutting it down before it even begins.

The city council became alarmed when Lynn Rosko proposed the gathering at a recent council meeting. When the councilmen discovered that a list of party members of the local Republican party were sent email announcements, they showed great cowardice and shame by thrusting the request for assembly into no-man's territory: they tried to price the event out of reach for Rosko.

The city council is probably full of dirty politicians who can't stand to see their authority challenged. A protest against government spending run amok threatens their position, of course. They depend upon the taxpayers being meek little slaves of their system.

You can read the whole story here. I will be attending it because I believe wholeheartedly in the cause. The system our prophetic forefathers started has been turned on its head and is being used against us. To read some of the comments below this story on the WINK site illustrates how badly our education system has failed us. Anti-protesters write their screed with the coherence of a mad idiot.

This was all planned, of course, many generations ago by anti-freedom communists and anarchists, starting with Fabians, union thugs, and the ACLU. But the history of these things isn't taught in American high schools. Only the Howard Zinn version of history will suffice for these malcontents we call "teachers" here in America. These same irrational idiots who couldn't work at McDonald's stand in front of our kids every day, filling their minds up with the same kind of hate and ignorance that courses through their veins.

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