Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cloward-Piven Strategy: Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste

Cloward-Piven strategy

This is the moment they've been praying for: a distressed nation becomes so desperate and hysterical that unscrupulous leaders can easily take advantage of their situation. They created the real estate bust by forcing banks to make home loans to unworthy prospects, based solely on race, then campaign that "only we can save you".

Once in office, there isn't a calm, methodical move to let the markets purge their bad loans and promise to never do this again. In fact, the crisis-making has only begun. Now that Obama is in office, he has turned a 1.3 trillion dollar federal spending deficit into a 3.4 trillion dollar deficit (so far). And he hasn't even been in office for 90 days yet.

Just like any adolescent would say, Barry whines that "I was given a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit by the Bush administration", as if to justify heaping on gargantuan "stimulus packages" on top of an already-crippling amount. This is the mindset of a boy who has never been in charge of anything. Nobody who cares about our nation's well-being would sink us further into debt in this fashion.

But it's all part of a master plan, of course:

And all of the Stalinists in Barry's cabinet are goose-stepping in rhythm:

Can you imagine the hue and outcry from the bedwetters from the Left if anyone from the Bush administration had said such positive things about so many of us losing our careers? "He's out of touch!" they would have cried. But now, since it's Hillary, Rahm, and Barry making such a callous, uncaring statement, the brainwashed of this nation are looking the other way. Their hypocrisy is defeaning.

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