Monday, March 2, 2009

Michael Steele Steps In It

Let’s admit: Like too many African Americans, politics has only recently become worthy of DL's concern. For several generations in their community, politics was a “white man’s game”, and it mattered none to them who was favoring Constitutional principles, enlarging the welfare state, or even fighting the USSR.

These were all “white people’s doings”, and they weren’t expected to have an intellectual conversation about…well, hardly anything I can think of, but politics, to be sure.

But time has caught up with the DL Hugley’s of America. He has the same look on his face as the kid who’s starting to read his book report to the class, but he’s obviously floundering in his panic’d mind, raising his eyebrows as if he’s touching on some bombshell of a fact, when, in reality, it was nothing more than the blurb on the cover of the book. He tries to sell the audience that he really is upset and knows what the issue is ALL about.

Hugley is the African American who is wide-eyed and incredulous that a Rush Limbaugh exists on the airwaves of this great nation that finally elected a black man.Welcome to the conversation, Hugley. Some of us have been here, caring about these issues, for 40 years or more.

Where were you when we tried to explain to you that Conservative principles are what’s best for the African American community? A life of hard work, delayed gratification, and self-reliance would turn out a MUCH better result 20 years from now than to have the same person locked into welfare for 20 years. Who’s got more heart for the black community: the man who tries to “teach a hungry man to fish”, or the liberal who says, “take this fish and vote for me if you want another”?

But to the uninitiated, Hugley et al, this is a far too lofty notion to grasp, I guess. It’s funnier to not think about politics too deeply, so that you can then make cracks about it to a crowd of Americans who also don’t know enough about American politics. It happens every night with John Stewart and Colbert.

AFTERTHOUGHT: Isn’t it ironic that Chuck D, responsible for over 20 years of hate-filled lyrics against cops, society, “bitches”, etc, gets wide-eyed, too, along with his homey Hugley, at the mention of Rush Limbaugh? I rolled the tape back just to catch what brilliant criticism this race war-monger Chuck D had specifically to offer. Not surprisingly, this street poet who probably can’t even pronounce much less understand the words Rush Limbaugh uses every day, had this profound observation: “He gives you the idea that he could say anything!”

Yes, Chuck, it’s STARTLING, isn’t it? Someone like Rush, who insisted on being married by a black man nearly 20 years ago, might use words that sound wild and unforgiveable…like “free market”; “individual responsibility”; “self-improvement”; and “relf-reliance”????

I know, I know…it’s too much for you and DL to comprehend. That’s ok. You’ve been the product of low expectations from the Left all of your lives. That’s why so many of you can’t even read in America.

Tragically, it now looks as if the only crowd who used to see past your race and have higher expectations of African Americans should join the Left’s soft bigotry.

Words have meanings, Michael Steele.

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