Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why I Love David Horowitz

Simply put, David Horowitz is an American patriot worthy of legendary praise. I first became a devotee of his after reading his autobiography, Radical Son, over ten years ago. I have since purchased several of his books, and plan on also buying his latest, One Party Classroom.

If you are a typical leftist who calls himself "progressive", or some such similar moniker, you don't possess enough courage to listen to a David Horowitz. After all, he did a lot more than you do for the "progressive cause", and lived through things that your soft life wouldn't be able to tolerate. He actually put his money where his mouth is, and lived the life of a socialist progressive activist.

I can tell you're already wincing. Poor thing--you just don't know how to react when someone challenges your beliefs, do you? If you have enough courage and open-mindedness (two things anathema to liberals), I challenge you to read Radical Son. You may begin to question your long held beliefs if you do. Come out from under your covers, ok? (besides, you wet your bed again.)

David operates, and is featured on my list of important blogs on the right side of this site. Anyone who cares about America, the truth, and isn't antiSemetic should read it. But, then again, the Left in this country is allergic to reading pro-Jewish literature anymore. It's funny how the Left is now in bed with skinheads and Nazis. It all started when they realized that our current War on Terrorism claims Israel as an important ally in that campaign.

Leftists are such cowards that they would demonize anything that causes brave Americans to stand up and put on the uniform, of course.

Here's just a recent video featured on David's excellent site:

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