Friday, March 27, 2009

Barry In Charge: Special Olympics Joke Flops

Wow. Barry's SO cool. He acts just like you and me! Look--he's even on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno again:

Let's admit: This was a rehearsed, planned, joke. They all do it. Leno, Letterman, et al always have a rehearsal before the taping of each show, just to go over their scripted questions and answers. To think that Barry didn't know what he'd say to Leno's questions is to believe in the tooth fairy.

But poor Barry didn't understand the depth of his image-shaping in rehearsal, apparently. He actually was calling the president of the Special Olympics on the ride home from that taping, before it even aired. Someone must have tipped him off that a little damage control would be necessary for tomorrow's headlines.

Frankly, I am not surprised at the character of a boy like Barry. He was raised a certain way, and it shows. What I am more offended by is that my commander-in-chief is more concerned with cultivating a false image while performing the biggest takeover of our economic well-being in American history. He is Oz behind the curtain, and at least 52% of my country falls for it.

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