Sunday, April 12, 2009

Mainstream Media: Somali Pirates Are Nonviolent

This Easter will be remembered for the dramatic rescue of merchant marine Captain Richard Phillips. You can read the early details of it here.

What is obvious are two things, here. After 5 days of utter silence by our commander-in-chief, even to the point of scolding reporters three days ago for rightfully asking for information about the capture and ransom demand of their American hostage, Barry is now taking credit for what the US Navy did in the name of protecting American interests.

The other item of importance is the template that our smug, pacifist MSM is using to give us the "straight news". In essence, they are telling us that to have our military solve this crisis instead of using diplomatic means (paying the terrorists' ransom), we are inviting more and worse attacks.

Already, after less than three hours since the Captain's rescue, the reports are coming out with this bit of educational background on these "pirates":
Pirates have generally treated hostages well, sometimes roasting goat meat for them and even passing phones round so they can call loved ones. The worst violence reported has been the occasional beating and no hostages are known to have been killed by pirates. (source)
Oh really? So these highly trained, Muslim "pirates" carry AK-47's and shoot rounds inches from our merchant marines, and we're supposed to believe Reuters?

From the BBC:
A maritime official from neighbouring Kenya says the pirates killed the crewman because the ship's owners had failed to pay a ransom demand.

The Taiwanese trawler has been held by pirates for three weeks.

It was seized off the coast of Somalia and taken into inshore waters, where no rule of law exists. (source)

But the mainstream media doesn't have an agenda, we're always told by the smug left.

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