Sunday, April 26, 2009

When Hillary And Barry Pledge To Support Israel And Lebanon...

Where else in this world do a people ’say one thing, then do the exact opposite’? The Arab World. Where we find this two-faced kind of act to be nothing more than lying, thousands of years of cultural practice of this same thing is in fact a point of pride. Case in point.

Couple this gesture of Hill’s with Barry’s boycott of the “racism summit” held just days ago. TCO and Hill are both trying to appear to be firm in their support of Israel and Christian Lebanon, so you know that there is something bad in store for both nations.

These two actors, Hill and Barry, will stand by with their thumbs up their asses while Hezbollah finishes off Lebanon, while Iran destroys Israel, then claim that they are “gravely disappointed” at the actions of these players.

All of the MSM will recite this administration’s “long history” of being firm against Israel and Lebanon’s aggressors as the embers cool.

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