Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mainstream Media: Obvious Bias For Obama Shines As He Takes Credit For Somali Pirate Episode

Notice the applause from the reporters of the MSM for the deaths of three teenagers on a rickety lifeboat by highly trained US Navy snipers:

Juxtapose their obvious bias with the way they received other important news of military success by President Bush:

This is the first news conference held after 911. It is only 2 days after the tragedy, and one can only best describe the press corps attitude towards their hated Republican president as neutral.

Despite that, you can hear the next-to-last question from them referring to whether or not he should have boarded Air Force One [some idiots in our country actually called him a coward for it] in the beginning of the attack. This is followed by a question of what kind of prayers for himself he is asking of God. As you listen to the way he is quick to eschew any attention towards himself [high contrast to our present egomaniac president who says he will make the ocean waters recede], you will see President Bush fight back tears:

Not a press conference, but when I came across it, I felt it worthy of remembrance:

Only 5 days after 911, the press is already asking Do you see an end to the war?. It's amazing, isn't it? We haven't even sent ONE plane, tank, ship, or soldier into Afghanistan yet, and our press is already asking for an end strategy! (This clip, by the way, contains the famous "dead or alive" statement, which our anti-Americans loved to claim that he said about UBL. Listen carefully, and you'll see that he never says, "I want Bin Laden dead or alive".)

Notice closely in the first 10 seconds how stiff and obviously indifferent the reporter(s) is while throngs of servicemen, ready and eager to ship out to fight our enemies, as they clap and cheer wildly for President Bush:

Only 7 days after the national tragedy, you can see our press corps resort to their old selves again. Gone are the neutral tones [Barry gets nothing but sympathetic tones in his press conferences], and back are the "gotcha" type of questions for the Secretary of Defense. In this clip, you will hear a smug reporter try to embarrass Secy Rumsfield over his "pregnant pause" [known as thinking about what you say before you say it. After all, American GI's will pay the price with their lives for a misstep in defense information being divulged.], and another reporter already put incorrect words in President Bush's mouth concerning the "dead or alive" comment made in the above clip:

On October 7th, 2001, President Bush announces our response to 911:

Only two days after we started our war against the Taliban in Afghanistan, the press are already displaying not a tone of congratulatory cheer for President Bush, but their typical skepticism of this Republican president:

Now only 4 days into our beginning of the Afghanistan war, the MSM, far from lauding our military greatness, are already raising questions about whether our military is targeting civilians:

Barely one month after we started air strikes against the Taliban in Afghanistan, notice the tone of the questions from the MSM press pool:

Three months after 911, President Bush explaining our progress and methods of keeping this nation safe:

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