Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mainstream Media: Apparent Experts On TeaBaggin', Anderson Cooper Et Al Carry Their Purses Proudly

No surprise here that Anderson knows a thing or two about having a mouthful of male genitalia:

Rachel, here, whom no one watches, seems perfectly unphased by the slang term, "teabagging", due to the fact that she is repulsed by male genitalia, anyway. Watch her smugness as she tries to belittle both the numbers and purpose of our protest across the nation. (after all, when her carpet-munching sisters and limp-wristed LGBT crowd gather to pelt the California churches over Prop 8 results, do the MSM children treat her people this way?):

Now watch as Rachel seems to be stumped for a typical smirk of superiority over the notion that someone called this nation-wide protest the "largest grass-roots demonstration" in American history. ("WOW!!...The largest???...The largest???") According to insiders, the last time she was this lost was when someone hid her toolbelt. Poor Rachel can't fathom that someone besides her bedwetting Leftists may garner attention for political activism.

She recovers quickly, though, at the prospect of flirting with her Air America bull dike guest, who is equally flustered at attempts to sound above it all and aghast that heterosexuals may take to the streets for once. Their smug commentary reveals why Air America is bankrupt and MSNBC has only 4 viewers:

Notice how the self-described veteran protester (from her college days, of course, which we all know is a time of great persecution and disenfranchisement) immediately paints the protest in DC as "flaccid", filled with "mildly racist" signs. Between her condescending snarks about how a real protest would have been held, she actually tried, as did the rest of the MSM, to under report the numbers that were there. By her math, there were only a "few hundred" at the DC protest. She mockingly laughed at the stage that the citizens provided for the rally, calling it an "umbrella on a picnic bench".

I guess this veteran college protester was thoroughly unimpressed with what us regular Americans look like up close. It was probably her first time rubbing shoulders with "the masses". Poor thing.

For the record, here's some shots of the "few hundred" from the DC tea Party yesterday:

Now watch this incredibly over-the-top example of the MSM trying to tickle each other's asses to make themselves laugh. After all, when the grown ups aren't watching, the kids will do practically anything for a laugh:

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