Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Zeituni Onyango: Illegal Alien From Kenya Who Keeps Resisting Deportation

This story stinks to high heaven. When you think about how much Barry and Michelle and Jeremiah Wright and Bill Ayers and Father Phleagar all run this great country down, you would think that they would tell their loved ones to "stay away" from our racist nation.

But no.

Obama's aunt, Zeituni Onyango, has been living here illegally since 2000, and what's even worse is, she has received FREE HEALTH CARE (hip replacement, costing tens of thousands dollars, at least).

How ironic. I'm a war veteran, proudly served 5 years honorably in the Army for this nation, and even I wouldn't qualify for a free hip replacement. The VA now means-tests us veterans (war vet or not). I don't make over 35,000/yr, but that is too much to be treated in the VA for free.

When I was released from service after Persian Gulf I, the Army debriefers told us all, "Don't let anyone tell you that you won't have free health care for the rest of your life: you earned it." Well, seven years later, when my lower back was finally too much for me to ignore anymore, I had to go to the only doctor I could afford--the VA. They x-rayed me (charged me over 50 dollars for the screen), and said that my slipped disc and pinched nerve required back surgery.

I couldn't afford it, and said no. I live with the pain still, ten years after that. I've decided that I will deal with it until it cripples me. I do exercises to strengthen the muscles around those discs, but the pain is still there. Especially in the mornings, of course.

When I was in college, I paid my own way during the community college years. Then, when I had to enroll in a 4-yr state university to complete my bachelor's degree, I didn't earn enough in my radio career to pay for it. So I did the financial aid route. Of course I tried for ALL of the grants/scholarships that I could get. But being a white male, single, and an honorable war vet wasn't good enough to receive any. Would you know that I couldn't even get a Pell grant?

If you didn't know, Pell grants are given to almost anyone--even prisoners. It isn't much, (maybe a thousand dollars a year, back then. Ohio University cost 10,000/yr back then--off campus), but it would have helped, of course. Even though I served my country honorably, then was recalled back in for a war (which many vets didn't do when ordered), I still was told "no" for a Pell grant.

They told me that the income cut-off for a single man was $10,700/yr in order to qualify to receive that Pell grant. Well, I missed it by 200 dollars. Yep, as a full-time radio announcer, I was pulling in 10,900/yr in 1994, and they told me that I was making enough to pay my own tuition.

So, of course, I had to go on government loans for my college undergrad tuition. And I did. To this day, I still owe the government on those student loans. I graduated in 1996.

I'm just an honest war veteran. I'm not Zeituni Onyango, illegal alien from Kenya. She deserves free health care, not me, I guess. And if you try to tell me that she's only getting that special treatment because she's the president's aunt, that isn't very consoling. After all, she's been here illegally since 2000. Barry wasn't in national politics at that time. That's just our system. It was grown this way by the liberal "progressives" since the New Deal and the Great Society.

And the evil in a system that rewards people like Zeituni Onyango and leaves war veterans in pain every day because I am too honest to lie on the government forms and play the system like so many do, is why I think like I do. It is why I'm a Conservative. And it is why I fight the good fight.


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