Thursday, April 9, 2009

Death By A 1,000 Cuts: Head Case Gets $400,000 Over Head Scarf

We are filled with public school administrators who cowardly cave in at almost every turn. I know from my own experience as a teacher in Montgomery County, Va in 2001. Weak-knee'd grown men act like little girls afraid of a fight.

What do you expect, though? Public schools have been co-opted by sissies in college who think our brave American past was one of "bullying", anyway. Fifty years of communist infiltration and indoctrination has definitely done its trick.

This case involves a Nevada public school that just awarded 400,000 dollars in punitive damages to an Egyptian female student who, while here attending the school, claims to have been "threatened" to be killed. She told administrators, who had her under heavy surveillance from there on out, but couldn't find any case of being harassed or threatened.

"Did they pursue the person who threatened her?" I hear you asking. Well, that's the rub: this Egyptian girl couldn't identify the person who "threatened" her. Could she at least say whether it was a male or female who did the threatening?


What about a tone of voice??? Nope.

According to the report, school district officials went to great lengths to identify the aggressor and protect the Egyptian girl. But without a real person, or even the gender to go after, they came up with nothing.

This girl was so "distraught" that she stopped attending classes there, despite the fact that every resource to accommodate her safety was taken. She saw the easy money in front of her, so she listened to her lawyers, kept the case going, even though she couldn't even identify the sex from which the "threat" came.

Did the school district try to remain honest and vanguards of our tax dollars? Did they try to fight the good fight to ensure that future extortion like this wouldn't take place in some other school district?


They caved in. The district just awarded her and her little friend (who ALSO couldn't identify even the gender of the person who "threatened" her friend) 400,000 dollars.

How much longer can we continue to let these lawyers use our Constitution against ourselves?

Here's the full story.

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