Saturday, April 4, 2009

Where Is The Outrage From The Left?

I have been paying close attention to American and world politics for over 25 years. I even majored in political science, with a concentration in American politics, and international relations, in college at Ohio University.

In my time of study and observation, I have been inundated with the Left's worldview through the newspapers I have read (The New York Times, The Washington Post, etc), the textbooks I was forced to buy and read, and the professors I questioned and learned from.

I have never heard the same amount of outrage from the Left towards the fundamental Islamicists as they always direct towards the fundamental Christians. It is almost as if you could picture who fills up the writer's desks, the editor's offices, and the tv news producers in America: young, self-righteous, haters; middle-aged baby boomers who are still fighting the Nixon administration, and unloved hysterical shrews called feminists.

As I have written of in the recent past, there is no excuse for the egg that is on the face of the Left these days. They have screamed "cultural relativism" at us for over 40 years, now. They always throw up the Howard Zinn version of America when prefacing ANY comparison of the USA to another country, but NEVER admit how dark and bottomless is the evil outside our borders.

CNN and the New York Times kept news bureaus in Baghdad after I participated in Persian Gulf I in 1991. "Big deal" many of you may say. But that is exactly why the Left's insidious indoctrination of American minds is so dangerous. The Left never questions the evil from outside our borders. They only highlight any grain of bad news from within our Christian-based culture.

The reason I bring up CNN and the NYT in Baghdad after the first Gulf War is because they are the most complicit in both keeping the monster Saddam Hussein in a neutral light for the years between the first and second Persian Gulf War, and in cultivating an anti-American attitude amongst its countrymen as Congress authorized President Bush to use "any means necessary" to perform regime change in Iraq.

See, Saddam Hussein was a monstrous dictator. Before our invasion in 1990-1991, and afterwards, as well. Not only did he regularly slaughter Shi-ites, Kurds, and rebellious members of his own tribe, Sunni, he routinely massacred thousands of his citizens at a time. The mass graves of bodies that were killed in the 1990's were first discovered when our brave soldiers returned to Iraq for regime change in 2003.
Victim's relatives have subsequently confirmed that their relatives were summarily rounded up and executed in the 1990's. There is obvious proof of this Hitler's nightmarish deeds for anyone who isn't committed to making America Enemy #1.

But CNN and the NYT looked the other way throughout the entire 1990's for this devil. The reason that Reuters, UPI, and the cabal of other American news agencies left Baghdad after the first war was over was because Saddam forced them to clear ANY news coming out of Iraq with HIM FIRST. Even those blame-America-first'ers were not willing to whitewash their reports at the hands of this dictator.

What??? An American news agency being forced to allow a president to censor their news? No agency would do that here in the good ol' USA, but the NYT and CNN were all to happy to hand over every interview, news clip of the intrepid Christiana Annanpour, or tip from a dead victim's relative about Saddam to the dictator himself to destroy.

Only whitewashed information from Ted Turner's Frankenstein and the Grey Old Lady made it out for over ten years. That is only ONE instance of how devious, deceitful, and biased the major dailies and mainstream media in America truly are. How they can sleep at night is beyond me.

After all, do we Americans EVER get the ugly truth about the rest of the cultures to which we're supposed to remain "relativistic" about? In America, our press LOVES to broadcast anything that makes Christians look homophobic, misogynistic, or as the brilliant lover of Ben Affleck, Matt Damon so wisely said of Sarah Palin last fall, whether they "believe that dinosaurs roamed the earth 4,000 years ago."

We don't get to see the real atrocities in 95% of the rest of the world unless it's from a bystander with a cellphone [who is probably going to be hunted down and killed by his "peace-loving" Muslim brothers for uploading this recent footage from northwestern Pakistan:]

Ask yourself if you ever see news footage and careful reporting like this from anyone other than Fox news and Glenn Beck:

To be fair, here is one of the rare news segments dealing with the horrors of Shariah Law by CNN:

Notice they don't even try to expand the understanding of how widespread this Islamic fundamentalism goes. This CNN story merely spotlights this one country, dealing with this one "witch" as if there isn't any more context to it. Glenn beck did a more lengthy, investigative search for the truth. He also interviewed an expert on Shariah Law.

If you're an honest person, with a soul, you'll admit that there is something very, very, wrong with the worldview of the Left in our country.

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