Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Race-Baiter's Digest: Al Sharpton And Bertha Lewis Call For Sheriff's Hanging, er, Ouster

When Sharpton missed out on the casting call for extras in the movie Planet Of The Apes, all of his admirers felt that Al was destined for a life of missed opportunities and crack. But years later, as if moved by the gods of Kwanza, there emerged another chance for Al to make good: Tawanna Brawley.

From that shinning moment to the next, Al has ironed his hair, slimmed down, and continued the fight for a race war without fail.

Fast forward to April 07, 2009. Despite the fact that there is more tension between inner-city blacks and inner-city Hispanics than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs, Al is claiming to be representing the long-held sentiment that blacks are fed up with the mistreatment of illegal Hispanics here in America.

I'm always hearing about it from my African American friends: "My homey Pedro was stopped yesterday for DWH: driving while Hispanic".

Well, the intrepid Sharpton has mounted an investigative campaign that rivals any of Inspector Cleaseau: he says that Sheriff Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ, while enforcing a special mandate from the federal government to eradicate illegal aliens in the county, is racially profiling.

When asked for details, Sharpton said, "The sheriff is systematically proceeding to disencompensate the disenfranchised participatoriants of the American dream, see. I don't see him arresting the Asians coming over the border. How about the Africans? What about the Mongolians and the Aborigines?"

Asked for a response, the four-time elected sheriff in a county of Hispanic-majority residents took a deep breath:

"I'm never going to resign," he said. "The guy is living in a fantasy land if he thinks he is going to pressure me into anything. He doesn't even know where Arizona is."

Here's the full story.

Here's Bertha and Al making their pitch to CNN's Lou Dobbs, who isn't fooled one bit by their veiled attempt to erase our borders and cause a race war:
[pt I]

[pt II]

(notice the idiot who posted these video captures wrote in the video, "you're wrong Lou. Watch and learn", and some desperate propaganda about apartheid. Silly brain-dead people can't stand that a freely-elected sheriff of mostly-Hispanic people in his county want him in office, doing exactly what he's supposed to be doing.)

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