Friday, April 17, 2009

Texas Secession? When Does The Next Plane To Austin Leave?

Things are looking better and better for us patriots. We're starting to emerge from the background. This kind of Governor is exactly what we need more of.

But did he really call for secession? No. All he did was acknowledge our frustration with an out-of-control federal government that is strangling American economic well-being, and quickly growing like a cancer.

Simply put, this Governor gets it. Here's a story on just what Texas Governor Rick Perry said, which has panty-waist bedwetter Chris Matthews apoplectic.

Poor Chrissy. He's never felt the sting of real men in his life. Rough men. The types who sacrificed all for this country in battle. Matthews likes to tout that he was raised in a blue-collar neighborhood, thereby trying to convince us that he knows how the real Americans live.

Yeah right. This overgrown pansy was afforded a very expensive, elite education from his early years: La Salle high school graduate; Holy Cross College for his undergrad; UNC Chapel Hill for post grad.
Tuition figures for Chris Matthews' "blue collar" high school.
Tuition figures for Chris Matthews' "blue collar" first college.
Tuition figures for Chris Matthews' "blue collar" post grad college.

Watch the reaction that this ivy-league elitist has when discussing the furor that is driving real, rough men in Texas to consider taking matters into their own hands:

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