Monday, April 6, 2009

Barry In Charge: His Dixie Chicks Moment

Poor Barry. He tries so hard to sound eloquent, but fails. He fails like a public school student fails when he writes a paper on European history for the past 100 years and doesn't even mention fascism, communism, and despotism.

The errant high school student is only regurgitating what the public school teachers have indoctrinated into him, which is usually a one-sided view of history. The Howard Zinn version. You know that version, don't you? If you haven't been to college, you probably never heard the name, but you definitely received the brainwashing that comes from it: America's history is a story of enslavement and defiling of the planet, it's cultures, and its prosperity.

It's that simple, you see. Whenever you're speaking about ANY other culture, just blame America first for its shortcomings. If it's the Native Americans, the Asians, the Middle East, Africans, etc, it's all one tidy answer: America is to blame.

"Blame for what", you may ask. But that betrays your bias, my friend. For you to even ASK what we are to blame for exposes your boorish lack of sophistication and elucidation like our good, honest, citizens of America, such as Barry.

See, Barry doesn't have to provide any context for what he means. No details are necessary when you're in another country talking bad about America. The brainwashed drones in the audience just sit there, transfixed on his visage, mesmerized beyond rational thought or care. "America has been arrogant", he preaches.

"Yes, America has been arrogant" they chant silently in their minds.

Just as there were no free thinkers allowed in the re-education camps of Southeast Asia under Ho Chi Min, Mao, Stalin, and Pol Pot, there are no questions allowed of this historic truth-teller named Obama. Just mouth the words, and you won't be singled out, as the poor folks who were unlucky enough to wear eyeglasses under the Khmer Rouge's reign of terror found out after we left Vietnam.

But I am too old at this point to worry about being singled out. I'll bite: just what are we Americans guilty of when it comes to arrogance towards Europe?

When my uncle was a POW of the Germans after being caught in the Battle Of The Bulge, what arrogance did he show? The only arrogance I know of was the draft board of Riner, Va, in the 40's when they defied the American system of not drafting the last male in a family for any war. He, indeed, was the last male in my family at the time, but the arrogance of the Riner citizens who made up that board was on display when they forced his name into the pool of draftees.

The fact that he was the last son to work their family farm back then was of little consequence.

But Europe benefited dramatically when my uncle, and hundreds of thousands of country farm boys (overwhelmingly white) were forced to go to their deaths for a European continent that didn't have enough fight left in their souls. They were saved from Germany twice in the past century, but you'd have to be a self-educated person who seeks the truth to know it in our glorious public school system today.

American academians have succeeded in erasing our history. They don't teach it, and our citizens don't care to read about it anymore. Years go by, young skulls full of mush grow up to be adult skulls full of mush, and voila': America gets the president it deserves! A typical sycophant who blames America first.

Here's Charles Krauthammer's succinct reading of the latest tragedy that Barry has performed against this great nation:

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