Friday, January 30, 2009

The GOP: Another First Black Appointed To High Office By The Party Of Devisiveness: Michael Steele

Now, let me see: Condi Rice is the first African American female to be Secy Of State, then there's also HUD Secy Alphonso Jackson, Secy Of Education Rod Paige, Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Ct, Michael L. Williams as Assistant Secy Of Education for Civil Rights for G. H. W. Bush, JJ Watts as US Rep, Alan Keyes as ambassador and presidential candidate, Michael Steele as the first African American GOP Governor, and now chairman of the National Republican Party...

And yet, supposedly Republicans are racists. Or, at least, the conservatives are racists, and they CONTROL the Republican party.

The hobgobblin of the Left's minds is racism. They are asleep to our Condi Rice's, our Michael Steele's, then act surprised years later when they practically catapult a Kenyan's half-white, fatherless child into the White House.

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