Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Del Toro Angered That His Movie "Che" Stirs Memories Of Survivors

Starting in the first grade, all Cuban children are members of the Young Pioneers--a group that Cuban exiles claim imparts communist ideology, but which parents say also teaches social skills and responsibility. Although they begin each day reciting 'Pioneers for communism will be like Che!' few children give it much thought, parents said." -John Ward Anderson, Washington Post

"The revolution is all; everything else is nothing" - Fidel Castro

Hatred is an element of struggle; relentless hatred of the enemy that impels us over and beyond the natural limitations of man and transforms us into effective, violent, selective, and cold killing machines. Our soldiers must be thus; a people without hatred cannot vanquish a brutal enemy. - Che Guevara

While the Cubans were trying to squeeze into overcrowded buses in the August heat to get to jobs where they had to work an average twelve-hour day, my comrades and I enjoyed a lobster and shrimp luncheon in the best hotel in Cuba, the Havana Libre, formerly the Havana Hilton, built the year before Castro's victory. There I drank wine...in the sacred presence of Che Guevara'a widow and other members of his family. -Ron Radosh, former American communist

But don't tell all of these things to Hollywood actor Benicio del Toro. If you start to ask him about the concentration camps that Che and Fidel operated during the revolution, this very important, renowned, box office talent will storm away, claiming that his new movie portrayal is the best that could be done in a short 4 hours! Read the story here.

In all of that time, not once is Che portrayed to have done anything near as monstrous as what his survivors know all too well that he committed. Does the 4-hour film touch on the 180 documented murder victims of Guevara? No. In fact, here's an excerpt from a recent review of Che, citing the tone and portrayal we are asked to believe:

In the movie, Guevara is shown executing a man. But the man is executed for raping a child, not for being disloyal to the cause of revolution. Troops are offered a chance to desert, and get nothing more than a scolding for their
cowardice. (source)
Toro tries to act like he's balanced in his view of the monster Guevara, by stating that:
"We have to omit a lot of stuff about his life," he said, "but we're not omitting the fact that he's for capital punishment, which is the essence of that."
"Capital punishment"??? That's like saying that quarantining all victims of HIV on an island nation that forbids departure is a "model state-run health care system".

What del Toro and this movie try to do is to whitewash this murderous thug coward who killed people for not being "pro revolution" enough, then call the sham "trials" an example of "capital punishment"!

Del Toro is a useful idiot for the cause of murder and tyranny. He claims to know more about the real Che, having never met him or lived with his results, than the victims of Che who watched him murder unarmed political prisoners.

Because he's an actor, he is in the business of fooling himself into believing that he is someone else. What this high-paid pretender fails to remember is that just because he's deluding himself to think that Che deserves a sympathetic look, the rest of the world hasn't.

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