Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Innauguration Day, January 20, 2009: The Spirit

This is a reverand from the days of MLK: he's still caught in those days, methinks. To see what I mean, fast forward to 5:05 on this video, and pay close attention to his estimate of us whites:

Here's what it looked/sounded like when Presiden Bush emerged on the dias to attend the innauguration:

The class of the average Obama faithful can be witnessed in their natural, safe, ungaurded environment in these next many videos. They are snapshots of typical, genuine reactions to the same incident above, when President Bush emerges on the dias which is simultaneously being broadcast on the jumbo screens in the crowds:

LOUD AUDIO: turn down your speakers before clicking!

In this one, there is a lone voice who tries to show some grace and class on this special day, only to be rebuked, eventually being told that, "Look--even Obama's laughing". What's the level of maturity amongst the average attendee, here, do you think? 12?

At least in this one, at the very end of this clip, someone admits, "Hehe...try that in Russia and ya' get shot." The joke is on that entire crowd, but only this one man hints at it. These people are too stupid to appreciate the peace and calm that Bush's policies have brought us, at very little cost, compared to the reality we would have faced without him. Gore would have kept the same paralysis in our intelligence-gathering that Clinton and Carter insisted upon, while looking for legal reasons for a combatant enemy like Usama Bin Laden to be served a search warrant. The enemy wouldn't have been stopped as many times as they were for the last eight years under a Gore administration, but these points require that you've paid attention to things like history and politics.
Do these grown adults look like the crowd that can remember what happened 8 minutes ago, much less 8 years ago?

Fast Forward to 1:03, where another lone voice exclaims, "That's not nice", which is covered up by a nearby cackling old woman. The next place in it where the crowd boos President Bush is 1:53.

For me, when I watch all of these "citizens" of this country making this awful display on what is really a sacred day, I feel alone. I couldn't even bring myself to act like that when Clinton, who's status as a draft-dodger and impeached president reviled me worse than any former or living president, even Carter, left office. I wouldn't have thought of it. I don't see these elections as "Your guy lost, mine won, nya nya". I'm too educated about politics to treat it as if it were a football game. These Obama voters in these videos--millions of them, obviously--are cut from the same cloth as those who get into fights at hockey matches, basketball games, or at the club on ladies night. Not much upstairs but ready to yell and chant.