Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Ann In The MSM: Harry Smith Suits Up

What I think is pure brilliance, here, is the way that Ann turns around her would-be assassin in mid sentence:
SMITH: You want to be taken seriously…I sense that, right? [then takes a deep breath, ready to deliver some one-two punch at Ann]
ANN: [interjects] Well, I make serious points in a humorous way, for instance…

You could feel Harry exhale, in a dejected way, having missed his big chance to skewer Ann Coulter. Did you notice the body language in this interview? Harry is up on the edge of his chair, feet planted and ready to leap to them if necessary, and is both leaning into and pointing at Ann as he tries to methodically lay a trap for her.

But Ann is WAY too advanced to be prey to this two-bit hack anchor, and his high school debate tactics. Has Harry ever argued with any mind more prepared than the typical CBS Early Show staff? I mean, does he even understand a person like Ann? Here’s a plastic piece of lawn furniture in Harry Smith, trying to match wits with the Hanging Gardens Of Babylon in Ms Coulter.

It was priceless to see how Ann turned Smith into a pussycat.

What is even more delicious is to know the backdrop to the whole appearance, which I didn’t before. Here’s Ann, who has been finishing her next book for months, now, and ALL of these networks know that a book tour is going to be following the release of her book. Hell, the NBC segment which was to be aired yesterday (then today) was recorded months ago. Then, at the point of having her on, they balk not once, but TWO days in a row! And who did they replace Ann’s book interview segment with? The highly important and profound Perez Hilton! The NBC audience IQ is more suited for Perez Hilton’s kind of wisdom, anyway, I guess. They can understand trite not truth.

NBC made the move for political reasons, and then it BACKFIRED on them when Ann, on the fly, goes over to CBS to perform her segment. And to add even more sweetness to the deal, we saw her deftly light herself like a bird into Mr Smith’s outstretched hand, which concealed the knife he wished to plunge into her back while performing the interview.

And she bested him!!

After that first perry, Ann had Harry leaning back, defeated, trying to figure out a different angle since she threw him off stance. The rest of the interview consisted of a supposedly-objective network news anchor trying to criticize Ms Coulter worse than he would have a Mr Hussein, a Mr Amedinejad, or a Mr Medvedev.

He dares to call the legal scholar “goofy”, and “sophomoric”, and feigns concern over whether people can really take her seriously or not. Let’s see: Ann can command the largest book advance of any conservative writer up until this point in time, and Harry is so wise and hip that he thinks no one takes her

NEWS FLASH TO HARRY: You’re an idiot. You don’t know when to give up. The joke was on YOU. You should have conducted an informative interview of this
major thinker in America today, but you tried to make it about you and how you’ve read 150 pages in one night, and can’t find a reason to buy her book.

Here’s another tip, Harry: don’t try to speed-read one of Ann’s books. I know that you’re used to cramming the night before a big interview the next day, but this isn’t the same mind that you’re normally picking through. This time, you might not be dealing with an author of a pet grooming book, or whatever
you normally stay up for.

Then the interview takes kind of a surreal turn: Harry had the producers type up a quote before the objective interview, and now was his big chance to cry
and whine that Ann called him insane. He apparently had been anticipating this moment for some time, because, without provocation he gets a steely look in his eye, similar to what you may find at your average mental hospital, outstretches his arm at Ann again, then swells up with indignation at her as he declares:
“One of my friends was gunned down in Denver. He was a talk show host. I’ve been to the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City. I’ve looked hate in the eye.”

What??? You arrived at the Murrah Building after it had been destroyed–how did you encounter the hate that commited its destruction, Harry? You’re
deluding yourself if that’s the only two examples of your “seeing hate up close”. Ann was right–you’re certifiably insane.

And whoopee if you’ve “looked hate in the eye.” Does that disqualify Ann and her perspective? Have you even asked her what SHE might have lost in 911?
What about the rest of her life? Are you so cocksure, Harry, that your trauma of supposedly knowing Alan Berg when he was killed and having stood at a place where something bad happened trump Ann’s experience? Why even bring up those deep wounds that you carry with you to this day?

In his twisted little mind, standing at a place in Oklahoma City and proclaiming to have known Alan Berg qualify him to know that Obama could be assassinated.

Does his mind seem more squirrely to you like it does to me? Too much time spent in front of the mirror and camera have caused the same detatchmet syndrome that afflicts Dan Rather.

From this display which was most certainly scripted on Smith’s part, you can tell that nothing valuable is going to be learned here, today. Other, of course, than the fact that as time goes on, Ann is like a fine wine, getting better with age.

When Ann finally grasps the depth of this attacker’s intelligence, and how shallow it is, she laughs. Harry thinks that Ann’s book has only the amount of legitimacy that could be afforded the comment about CBS anchors, namely Harry Smith. Once he heard that she had a line about him in her book, that’s all he needed to know. Book stinks–her bad!
(In psychological texts, it used to be called “egocentric”, most easily illustrated in infant behavior when playing peek-a-boo. Much the way that a baby thinks the parent has disappeared when his eyes are covered up, this interviewer can’t see the larger truth in a book when blinders are applied to his eyes in the form of a simple comment about CBS anchors.)

He says, “You make your point at my expense”, and then you realize the emotional impact that Harry is infected with. Ann’s larger point [and her entire book] HAS to be illegitimate because it is carrying along with it a smaller truth that CBS anchors are crazy, you see.

Harry can’t accept anything past the charge, “you’re crazy”. This prima donna put on his clothes this morning, being told that “you look so wonderful”, by all that surrounded him as normal. He wasn’t ready for the voice in the crowd that yelled, “You’re wearing no clothes, Harry.”

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