Friday, January 30, 2009

Barry In Charge: Communism Around The Corner

This is his shot across the bow.

Just 10 days into power, and he is already harkening back to Leninist-Stalinist prose. This is quite a show for a new president. No other man to occupy this office has been so presumptuous to make these sweeping declarations and warnings in such a short time.

And Barry used WHAT kind of accounting methods, balance sheets, or P&E ratio to make this grave declaration? Ledger books? Quickbooks? Did he do like the rest of us do and look to see what kind of car the CEO's drive to determine what he's making?

Nope. This Harvard graduate uses newspaper articles to sell us on the idea of having the State step in to the board rooms, where the decisions on how much the shareholders would allow their CEO to make are already being made, to make it for them, and, of course, take their pinch along the way.

Obama's famous for pointing a finger at CEO's who have spent a lifetime to produce their services, but just WHAT does Barry and the rest of government's beaurocrats do to deserve THEIR take of the business? Absolutely nothing. Yet somehow, this smug little man-boy who has never worked with his hands for a living, doesn't bear the wounds of a lifetime of toil, can actually stare at the camera with his look of indignation and determination to say that his soft hands know what any of US should be earning?

To remedy what he's railing about in the video above, Barry would have to have the same federal government that got us here in the first place fix the private sector wages of CEO's. Will qualified, talented people want to take the job if it comes at a government-mandated salary? That's not how those of us in the free market become motivated to excel and produce. Our economy is driven by those of us reaping the benefit of our hard work and ingenuity.

In the financial/sales jobs I have had in the past, there is always an incentive attached to your earnings. The commission that you earn per sale is all some of us have lived off of for years. When I painted cars for a living, I was paid only by commission. If I didn't spray a car that day, I didn't get paid at all.

I'm no CEO, but it works the same way for them: they have a set of skills that allows them to negotiate their contract, just like I used to do every time I negotiated with my skills. If you can get a business to agree to the conditions you desire (bonus, commissions, etc), then you are not to blame for working within your contracted parameter, no matter how much you excel.

Barry has been aloof and condescending to the private sector, according to most of what I have read of him through his two books, and the excellent biography by Jerome Corsi, as well. We hear the refrain occasionally, still, that poor Barry was destined for a life of wealth and power because of the school to which he was admitted (which was a legacy admission, thanks to his father first attending there), but that *sniff* he gave it all away to work as a "community organizer". [cue the violins and harps]

Did Barry make these claims about CEO's and their bonuses when he was accepting 600 million dollars in corporate payments to his campaign for the last two years? What about the EXCESSIVE money that Barry and Michelle will pocket from the leftover campaign war chest? Does Barry DESERVE millions and millions of dollars for "running" that campaign?

What fat cat do you and I, Mr.and Mrs America, benefit MORE from: Bank Of America's CEO or Barry Obama? At least with BOA, I get a safe place to direct deposit my paycheck, online details of every thing I do with this product, and money-making plans into which I can choose to invest my hard-earned cash.

What did you and I get with Barry and Michelle's millions?

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