Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Innauguration Day, January 20, 2009: The Market

The market experienced its worst innauguration drop since...FDR. The similarities are eery: Democrat Leftist takes control of a Democrat-induced economic crisis, then grows the federal government by massive proportions, using increased taxes to accomplish this. Because government cannot create real economic growth, the Depression lived on for ten years, instead of the fraction of that which could have been America's 30's.

Soup lines lasted because jobs were stagnant. Jobs were stagnant because of high taxation. High taxation was in place because FDR created a network of agencies that were run by Democratic beaurocrats.

Barry sees the same possibilities for the modern Democrats. This crisis will be just the distraction that Democrats need to bring even MORE of our free market under their control: UHC, or universal health care will control 1/6 of our economy alone.

We'll see what's next.

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