Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ann In The MSM: Matt Lauer Suits Up

SCORE: Ann-2 MSM-0

This was yet another display of someone with one hand tied behind her back absolutely demolishing an opponent. The awkwardness of NBC having to re-schedule Ann is painfully apparent when:
1) Matt opened his mouth to proclaim that the allmighty NBC DIDN’T ban Ann for life, so there.
2) Matt tried to ‘flip the script’ like any child does, and claim that Ann herself made the quote about being “banned for life by NBC”.
3) Matt turns antagonistic after the first attempt of his is beautifully countered by Ann.

The rest of this embarrassing display shows a red-faced Matt desperately trying to play Gotcha with this master, and, unlike Harry Smith, Matt knows that he can’t win a debate against Ann, so he tries to bait her with seemingly-sincere questions. Not quite the same fiasco that Smith performed (where Harry’s personal feelings got the best of him) yesterday, but a shoddy interview, nonetheless.

Where’s the Journalism, here? I’m a graduate of the same university that Matt attended in the beginning of his coke years, and there’s a school of journalism there named after Scripps. I’m sorry, but to look at the crop of mind-numbed idiots who graduate from these esteemed places grow into such namby-pamby, squealing, airheads is an embarrassment to watch.

Where’s the inquisitive reporter who wants to ask Ann questions in order to learn something about her philosophy, perspective, background, etc? I’ve now watched 2 networks “serve the public” by interviewing a serious author of many books, and I can’t say that I have learned ONE thing of value about her new book, which is supposed to be the focus of these “professional” interviews.

There’s got to be hundreds of pages from Ann’s new book, but after 20 minutes of analysis, the only thing that the intrepid Smith and Lauer have shown us is a kid poking an animal with a stick.

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