Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Ukraine Steps Into The Light

August 17, 2008

Ukraine said it was ready to give both Europe and America access to its missile warning systems after Russia earlier annulled a 1992 cooperation agreement involving two satellite tracking stations. Previously, the stations were part of Russia's early-warning system for missiles coming from Europe.
-- Telegraph of UK, source

As Europe quietly tenses up in reaction to Russia's power grab in Georgia this past week, we have seen two notable responses: Ukraine and Poland. Both have emerged from what must have been an almost paralysis of fear, to join in partnership with the US, and the rest of free Europe against the early intimidation of Russia.

These two enter agreements with the West at great peril. Russia immediately answered these developments with a belicose pledge to place Poland on it's list for retaliation, even nuclear. We must remember WWII, where Poland was promised support against Hitler, then nothing came their way as Poland fell in weeks.

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