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I Support Our Troops...No, Really!

September 15, 2007

My unit from the 82nd Airborne Infantry, 1/325 Bn Mortars, has been deployed in Iraq for 18 months. I've been sending them care packages every few months. It goes without saying that I think of them as heroes. But instead of just paying them lip service, I try to put my money where my mouth is. So many American civilians have become accustomed to deluding themselves by saying the following: "I support our troops, just not the mission." And you can practically smell the smug air around them as they finish that piece of psychological acrobatics, as if to tell us, 'There. There's no way you can call me unpatriotic as I spit on this commander-in-chief and the military war machine I've always hated.'

Well, I definitely don't want to be confused with these self-righteous, dangerously-misguided Americans. When I say that "I support our troops", I really mean it. I support their mission, them, and our commander-in-chief. And I want to show it, too. Not to the idiotic Americans around me, but to the brave men of 1/325 Batallion Mortars. That's the only men who matter, to me, at this point. Trying to impress upon the leftist pacifists that this mission is more important than "weapons of mass destruction", or whether or not "Iraq caused 9-11", has become a losing battle.

It's amazing that the same people who can look ahead for the sake of a young child in Head Start, saying that if he is deprived of this pre-school program that he will live a life of diminished possibilities…can't look ahead to realize the fate of America if we shy away from answering the Islamic Fascists who have been hitting us for at least 35 years without appropriate answer.
I just received an e-mail from my unit's platoon leader the other day. His name is Captain Hank Reardon, West Point graduate. He and the platoon have recovered from a mortar attack last year that left 8 WIA (wounded in action), and 1 KIA. They have been soldiering on, unable to come home from their injuries, while some American people actually wish for our failure in Iraq so that they could smear President Bush.

Here's what Capt. Hank Reardon just wrote me:
I dont really have much new to tell you. Everyday is pretty much a groundhog day for us. We got your package. It had everything on the
list, and the guys all really appreciated it. I posted your letter up and made everyone read it again. They really appreciated that too. I know one of the guys emailed you some pictures and stuff. Let me know if you want some more. They dont want any mail coming after October 1st if you decide to send anymore. Thanks again.

Here's the letter I sent with this latest package that Hank was talking about:

HHC 1/325 Bn Mortars
Current Deployment

John Galt
Aug 8, 2007

Hello Men,
Thank-you once again for what you have been doing for me, our great nation, and the rest of the free world. I don't think there will ever be enough praise laid at your feet for what you do for us. This is yet another small gesture from me to try to show you what it means to us all.

There is a lot of distraction going on back here in the States concerning the upcoming election next year. Candidates from the left are flopping all over themselves to try to be all things to all people. They are saying things like "I will bring our troops home immediately in order to save them and to make our country more safe." It would be funny if it weren't for the fact that there are men like you in the middle of the fight, and a nation at home who desperately needs your bravery, dedication, and sacrifice to prevent the fight from arriving at our shores.

Hell, it already HAS arrived at our shores: Airplane hijackings in the 70's; Beirut US Marine slaughter in 1983; German nightclub bombings where off-duty American servicemen were known to hang out in the late 80's; civilian airplane bombings in the late 80's; World Trade Center bombing in 1993; Riyadh bombings, Kobal Tower bombings, American Embassy bombings, and the USS Cole attack, all in the 90's; and of course, the World Trade Center attack of 2001. All of these were committed by Islamic fundamentalists. They ALL had the same mission and goal in mind: destruction of the West/convert or die.

What you are doing will go down in the history books as a dramatic turn from how we used to respond to this terrorism. Thank God for men like you. You make me proud to be an American man, my friends. And you make me even MORE proud to be a veteran of HHC 1/325 Mortar platoon. I carry that intense pride with me to this day, 21 years after I volunteered as an Airborne Infantry soldier. I will never forget my experience there, and I will never forget you great men.

I am getting ready to graduate from night school with an AS in Microsoft Network Engineering in one month. I'm excited about my change of careers, and if I ever am in a position to hire new employees, I certainly hope that I get the privilege of accepting any one of your applications. I don't yet know where I will end up soon, but rest assured, I will never forget any of you.

Send any pics/letters you can—they are very much appreciated. I have the ones from last year's deployment still, but would love to see some new ones from your current deployment. You guys are heroes to me.

Godspeed, Men, and keep safe. Your time there is almost done. Me and millions of grateful Americans are anxious for you to return home.

John Galt

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