Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sliding Into The Next Dark Age

August 25, 2008

Evidence of a sea change is taking place right now. We are seeing the equivalent of a polar shift in Earth’s tilt towards the sun. Have we experienced such changes in the past? Yes. Do we know what it’s outcome will be? No.
Condoleeza Rice is set to recommend to President Bush that we recall a nuclear plan we had structured with Russia in the last few years. It was a program designed to share nuclear materials and fuel between the two former adversaries, as something of a safeguard against rogue nations acquiring the same. (source)

This move is not one-dimensional: For the UN (and the US) to have any affect on isolating Iran and their drive to become a nuclear superpower, we needed to work through Russia. With the way that Russia has exposed itself in the last few years, culminating in their invasion of Georgia two weeks ago, all deals are becoming void.

This should be alarming for all who watch world affairs and concern themselves with the survival of Western Civilization. The bonds we sought to establish with this former monster are dissolving in front of our eyes. Their goal is becoming more clear with every tank, naval blockade, and assassination they thrust upon us.

The kabuki dance going on right now between the US and Russia is the distraction. Watch Israel, Syria, and Iran for proxy wars between The Bear and us, The Last Great Hope.

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