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The Queen Wears No Clothes

The Queen Wears No Clothes
April 12, 2007

We are constantly bleated with the cries of Nancy Pelosi, Hillary, and CNN, that the American People spoke loudly and clearly last November. "The people want us out of Iraq, NOW!", they rant.

The laughingly-ridiculous notion of actually defunding the military to bring our Iraqi mission to a grinding halt has turned into a serious notion for Pelosi et al. Perhaps it was serious for all this time. However, we were treated to emphatic, wide-eyed promises last year, leading up to the election date, that she wouldn't try to pull us out of Iraq if she was indeed to become Speaker of The House. That she wouldn't allow ANY bills to come to the floor if they involved de-funding our men and women in uniform.

Now that the EXACT OPPOSITE has occurred in just five short months, our vanguard of freedom, [American mainstream media] collectively working to cast her as America's last hope, have ignored yet another Democratic Party lie which results in blood and tragedy. The press just eats up her silly, sad, rhetoric announcing troop funding reductions without batting an eye.
But the media hypocrisy is even older than this past six months in American history. In 1995, a newly-elected 104th Congress was endeavoring to uphold their pre-election promise to bring to the House floor ten items, referred to as the Contract With America. They actually did what they said they would do during the run-up to that election. When the next fiscal year approached, the Congress actually passed bills with slight curbs on the rate of growth of many department budgets.

What? A new Congress actually passing bills based on campaign promises? And what bunch of grown-ups were in control at that time?

Our Leftist Lapdog press breathlessly took their microphones and cameras to Bill Clinton, awaiting some antidote from their leader. "I am still relevant", was all that he could say. That, and that he wouldn't be able to abide by the Congress' legislative designs to balance the federal budget in the proposed 7 years in Newt's blueprints. He said that that would bring too much pain to the country. Of course, seven years later, Clinton was all too happy to take the credit for a balanced budget. Did the media question Clinton's earlier reluctance to pass those deficit-trimming bills? Of course not.

In fact, when Clinton shut down the government by vetoing those initial bills, Newsweek ran a caricature of Newt as the Scrooge on its cover. The press was on the side of the president when the will of the people had put in Republicans at 52.9% against the Democrats' 46.9%. The American media protected the president for trying to thwart honest campaign promises-turned-reality. They painted Gengrich, the Speaker of The House, as conducting a 'contract ON America', heaping much distortion on his quote concerning the health care administration, where he issued a quick statement about letting it, "wither on the vine."

But now the press LOVES the 'will of the people'. And for what? It couldn't be for some perceived greater Democratic majority than what the 104th Congressional Republicans had: it is currently only .8% different of a balance than it was in 1995 (Dems presently enjoy 53.7% in Congress). Who can forget ABC news anchor Peter Jennings making the snide remark when announcing the 1994 election results, huffing that "America had thrown a temper tantrum". No such childish remarks are hurled at Pelosi, of course.

The recitation of all of this Newt vs Clinton, and Pelosi vs Bush serves to illustrate an often-overlooked fact: Clinton lost the Congress in his FIRST off-year election. And he had a willing partner in the American media. President Bush beat back historic forces for 6 years before the press finally won the tug-of-war for congress. They fought like children against the parental guidance of our commander-in-chief. And now, while they're patting themselves on the back for defeating American security, our men and women in uniform stand to lose everything they've fought like warriors to achieve for the past 6 years.

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