Thursday, December 30, 2010

The Axis Of Evil: North Korea

August 26, 2008

We’ve known that North Korea has always been a despotic hellhole for 50 years. That’s why the truce has never matured to a declaration of peace. When my grandfather was stationed there, a group of US infantrymen were beaten and killed in their sleeping bags. When I was there, a border massacre on the DMZ had just taken place.

Years later, in the mid 90’s, it was time for the Democrats to steer our country through the foreign policy minefield that Reagan, Bush, Nixon, and Eisenhower had superbly navigated. How did Bill Clinton direct our stance against communism? He sent Madeline Albright to give away the farm.

Madeline Albright negotiated [read: asked what could we do to erase our previous hard stance against evil] with the N. Koreans, and ended up with a GREAT deal for them, and another bunch of lies and empty promises for us. She “negotiated” to give Kim Il sung the know-how and help to build them nuclear reactors.

Albright barked back at those of us here in the US who said that they will use these “power plants” to make enriched plutonium: “Diplomacy takes time, and trust”, she said. Ten years later we find out that--surprise--the N Koreans had successfully tested an underground nuclear bomb.

As the grown-ups took control of our relations with N. Korea, they tried to put guardrails up to contain this monster. President Bush actually achieved an agreement with them to demolish their reactor, along with 11 other disablement measures in order to be removed from the famous list we keep of “terror-sponsoring countries”.

Finally, this past June, the North Koreans blew up their nuclear reactor at Yongbyon.

We thought that this MAY be the start of something good. But, almost two months later, they showed their true self again. Today the tyrannical regime announced that they were halting their disablement program.

Why, you ask? Because our president had the audacity to ask Kim Jong-il (Kim Il Sung's son) to clean up his human rights problems. The North Koreans are a regime that can only be trusted by the blind, or the suicidal. Which one are Madeline Albright and Bill Clinton?

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