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August 21, 2008

There has been a push from the world of academia here in the West to sanitize the religion of Islam. After 9-11, UNC Chapel Hill incorporated a semester-long course in Quoranic studies as a requirement for all students. Is there an equal requirement for New Testament studies, or Old Testament, or Upanishads studies?


But the same crowd who likes to demonize all things Christian has practically tripped over itself to embrace the “religion of peace”, Islam. For some reason, we here in the West seem to forget the 1300 years worth of Islamic terror, expansionism, and “convert-or-die” mentality. Far from it’s mythological image of today, the Crusades were a series of efforts to combat the imperialism of Islamic savages.

It’s almost as if we’ve forgotten the episodes of Moors, Barbary pirates, and IslamoFascism happening every day around us.

That is why I am starting this chronicle of examples of how Islam is practiced around the world: the bombings, the honor killings, and the attempt to shame those of us who say, “enough”.
If there were enough “moderate” Muslims who were trying to reign in their zealot brothers and sisters, I wouldn’t have to do this. What right does any Muslim have to shame America for trying to bring this insanity to a close? To me, the Muslims who get angry at the West because we call this practice what it is-barbarism-are simply cowards, and stone-age troglodytes.

They know they can beat up on the West because we’re an easy target around the globe. We open our doors to any malcontent in the world, give them a safe place to lay their head, start a family, earn a decent living, and what do we get in return? Screaming, riots, and lawsuits over perceived prejudice, whether it's a cartoon or something insignificant, even.

Today, I learned about a recent case of honor killing that took place in Saudi Arabia. A young girl converted to Christianity, and just like the young girl in Columbine who was asked by her assailant if she still believed in God, this little Saudi Arabian girl received the same fate.

Except this killer wasn’t some self-absorbed, emo punk on mood drugs. This little girl was killed by her own father. When he found out that she had converted, he first cut out her tongue, then held a “debate” with her. Then he burned her alive. (source)

I hope and pray that there is a special place in hell for people like her father.

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