Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Russia Brings Out Our Cowards

August 14, 2008

It didn’t take too long, eh? I was wondering how long it would be until the nervous little bedwetters in our country start their smug nattering about whether or not America has the authority to criticize Russia for its invasion and slaughter of Georgia.
For liberal cartoonists like Oliphant, Toles, and Rall, there is no shred of patriotism as common Americans define it. They are the type who have never worn the uniform, but are sure they know how to criticize those of us who have. When the chips are down, and America has its back to the wall, it is the cowards who throw stones at the men who do the fighting.
Does America really deserve to be slandered like this?

Honestly, I don’t feel as if President Bush needs to be defended for criticizing Medvedev, Putin, and Russia, for their imperialistic invasion of Georgia, but, for the faint of heart in our country, allow me to remind you:
Russia’s pattern of behavior for the past 100 years should scare every moral judge who dares to read their history. They have rolled their tanks into innocent countries whose only crime was to resist the godless communism that Russia wanted to inflict on them.
When America sends its good men and women into a country, it’s to help liberate their people. Just because you’re too lazy to study American history, compared to Russia’s, doesn’t mean that everything is the same in this world.

Iraq started their reign of terror over thirty years ago, when Saddam Hussein rose to power. As a Sunni, he savaged the Shi’a and Kurds in Iraq, feeding innocent people into wood chippers (while alive), raped and indiscriminately killed hundreds of thousands of his people, a’la Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot. We only started our “brutal, stupid, war” with them in 1990, after Saddam turned his murderous gaze outside his own country, towards Kuwait.
Since then, Iraq has defied UN resolutions 16 times, fired on our men in no-fly zones, attempted to assassinate one of our presidents, and supported Islamic suicide bombers throughout the world.

Now, when you can find a similar example that Georgia has committed against Russia or the world, then maybe there would be an argument to make. Until then, we patriotic Americans shake our heads in shame at the Oliphant’s of this great nation.

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